Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The pitless extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the greenest, the freshest and the healthiest olives picked up by hand, by removing the pits from the olives first and then pressing only the olive pulp, all this within 24 hours after the harvesting.

The pitless olive oil’s quality is higher than the quality of the olive oil obtained from whole fruits.
The absence of the olive pit guarantees that the olive oil:

    • has lower acidity and is lower in peroxides;
    • is richer in POLYPHENOLS (present in the olive peel), natural antioxidants that help to slow cellular aging and to prevent high cholesterol levels;
    • has a major resistance to oxidation and a longer shelf life.

The pitless extra virgin olive oil is more balanced, with a more persistent aroma.

Living healthily and full of well-being means to improve the quality of our life.

Correct eating habits to keep a good shape and to avoid getting sick mean to grow up healthy, to maintain the physical health and psychological wellness, to get old well, to prevent the diseases.
The pitless extra virgin olive oil is an ideal condiment for everyday life because this is a rich, nutritious, healthy and highly digestible food product.

Gastronomy: This oil has very delicate shades because it does not contain the tannic substances of the olive pit.
Ideal when consumed raw, without heating. Great to enhance healthy and delicate dishes.

Acidity: From 0.2 until 0.4 when bottled.
Colour: Intense golden yellow with hints of light green.
Smell: Distinct smell of olives, slightly fruity, with a light smell of herbs and vegetables.
Taste: Slightly fruity, delicate to the palate.


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