IL ROSONE, Bottle closup

“This ceramic bottle is a tribute to art and taste.
This bottle  expresses the charm of art,the uniqueness of the handmade potteryand the taste of extra virgin olive oilby Maestro Giuseppe Di Vito“.


This extra virgin olive oil expressesthe experience of a family and the characteristicsof our area of Vasto in Abruzzo, a regionrich in olive trees in the center of Italy.
Product selected  and limited edition with nutritional value and organolepticqualities extraordinary.


Art is beauty Taste is art

The ROSONE, art jewel of Vasto, is the symbol of the city.
Magnificent artistic expression made of hard Majella stone.
The great ROSONE with twelve rays is located in the center of the main facade of St. Joseph’s Cathedral.
It was renovated in 1928 by Master Pasquale Gravinese and the Baron Luigi Genova Rulli  financed the renovation of the church.
The Cathedral built in the 13th century and dedicated to Santa Margherita; after transformed into a convent.
In 1566 it was besieged by the Turks and in the ‘800 dedicated to St. Joseph by the name of King Giuseppe Napoleone.
In 1853 Pius IX elevated it to the Cathedral of Vasto.