Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Variety: Gentile of Chieti, Frantoio, Leccino
Place of origin: Olive trees cultivated on hills
Harvest: From the end of October to December
Method of harvest: Olives picked by hand and transported in small crates to the oil mill and to the agricultural partner companies, where they are crushed within 24hrs after being picked.
Working process: The olives are washed with jets of water at room temperature and worked on when cold.
Extraction process: Traditional and continuous
Yield: 18%


Acidity: From 0.35 to 0.50% when bottled
Colour: Intense golden yellow with hints of light green
Aroma: Of olives, slighty fruity, with a distinct aroma of vegetables and herbacceous.
Taste: Slighty fruity, sweet, harmonious and fine with a light spicey taste. It leaves the mouth with a pleasant taste of aromatic herbes and sweet almonds.
Gastronomy: Its great taste hightlights the flavours of almost any dishes.It is great as seasoning for soups, or first course dishes, potatoes, cheeses, fish.

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